Setup & Design

Does your business need a social connection? Along with a custom website, we can now provide you with a customized social fan page from Facebook, or other social media network that is popular. Using Facebook as a website tool is very easy to interact with your customers, create a new way of advertising to your current and to future customers thru their friends and people in your home towns.

BCBunch Consulting can gladly design, set up, and fully integrate Social Media into your business marketing needs. We can build up a design theme for your Facebook profile image, along with an matching Facebook cover image. Set up the Call to Action Button, add an video with a call to action to your front page of Facebook and more.

Besides Facebook, we will get you started and ready on Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, Instagram, Four Square, and Yelp.

Setup and Design Services start at $35 per hour

Event Pages

BCBunch Consulting will create an event using your business page, and have the complete event details down to images and everything set up. Once the event is set up, we can do a invite all feature and invite all of your friends to the event (works great when you can get your entire staff to allow  to blast / invite there whole friend list).

Event Services start at $35 per hour

Advertising & Marketing

BCBunch Consulting, will sit down with you in person, phone, or skype and we will get a detailed account of what your business’s advertising goals should be. We will then set up either weekly, bi weekly, or monthly follow up meetings where we will provide you with updates, tips on what we can to improve in the ads, and work on any modifications as we see fit. All for a low monthly fee, plus the cost of your marketing budget. BCBunch Consulting will also provide you with your account logins to the ad campaigns

Facebook or other social media advertising can offer the following objectives by advertising within the Social Media networks: boost your page post’s, promote your page, send people to your website, get installs on your mobile app, reach local people for your business, raise attendance to an event your putting on, offer promos and discounts, and video views.

Services starts at $35 per hour + the cost of ads

Account Management

Using a 3rd party software, BCBunch Consulting can offer a very simple yet very affordable Social Media Management program. Which includes Hootsuite Dashboard – view all of your business’s social networks, streams, and scheduled messages in one customization place–with only one password to remember. Bulk Message Scheduling – sharing content shouldn’t take all day. Save time and work more efficiently by scheduling up to 350 messages to publish to your social networks in advance. Social Listening – what’s your audience saying about you? What are your competitors up to? Create streams to search for specific keywords and hashtags to keep your finger on the pulse of the social world. We can have up to 50 Social Media profiles added into one account for easy tracking.

Services starts at $35 per hour